What are the ways to alter the prestashop mega menu?

The QuickBooks Icon Bar includes shortcuts that will assist you access the data, forms, or reports that you need or need to get quickly. This QuickBooks feature may be customized in many of ways and based upon your demands, you might choose to utilize some of each the alternatives out there. Displaying Or Hiding: To begin, you ought to be aware of how to place the choice for hiding or displaying the icon bar. Many people today would rather hide it entirely to provide the home page a bit more space and also make the facilities bigger or to add more information with no requirement for scrolling up and down or right and left.

Prestashop mega menu

Others might like to have the menus displayed in which they can be retrieved with only one click. In QuickBooks Pro 2008 or QuickBooks Premier 2008 and various other variations turning the icon bar off or on can be readily attained by choosing View in the Prestashop mega menu, followed by clicking “Icon Bar” in the sub menu to display or to conceal it, based upon your preferences. From the exact same sub menu, a check mark to the left of these words icon pub suggests that you have put the preference to show the shorcuts. You also ought to understand that this attribute is set individually for every single desktop that is running QuickBooks. So turning the feature off or on this menu is only going to influence the desktop you are viewing.

Let us begin with a record. Adding reports that you run regularly will allow you to rapidly create a report with only one click. To begin with, you will want the report which you need to include open on your display. For demonstration purposes, let us include the Accounts Receivable Summary Report. At this time you are going to want to visit theĀ Prestashop mega menu and click on see. Looking down the list, you will see several choices. Click on the One Which says Insert A/R Aging Overview into the Icon bar. You will be motivated to pick an icon to utilize and also to bring a description. You may either enter a new description or you may stick with the default option. In our case the default option is A/R Aging Overview and we will stick with this. Click on the ok button and you are going to see the brand new report was added.

Rearranging the Icon Bar: Another customization alternative for the QuickBooks is to pick the >> into the right of the icon bar. After that, select “Customize Icon Bar” Your display should now display a personalize window. From this, you can add delete or transfer items to fit your requirements. Let us move a product to your left. Highlight any product in the listing. Then put your mouse pointer on the little diamond contour to the left of the item you have picked. Click and drag up the bead to transfer it to the left or right down to proceed to the proper.